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ProThinker helps investors make decisions that are data-driven. We cover the following areas:

  • Stock Analysis Reports – Instant analysis of all aspects of a stock including visual representation of what a stock is worth and why. 
  • Market Absolute Return Analysis – Is a particular market overvalued? Buying into an overvalued market may have adverse effects even if the stock you pick is not overvalued. In a market sell-down, panic may cause investors to sell even stocks that are not overvalued. We use bottom-up data to help you determine whether a market is overvalued and where it is likely to go. Retail investors who are buying country ETFs may also be interested if the stocks in a country index are over or undervalued.
  • Market Relative Performance Analysis – Is a particular market likely to outperform the world? Useful for managers with multi-country mandates that need to quickly zoom in on the ones that have the most promising stocks.  Useful for retail investors who are deciding which country or region ETF to buy. For this analysis, we use aggregated bottom-up data to compare one market with another.
  • Sector Analysis – Some managers manage using global sector allocations rather than country allocations. We aggregate stock information for entire sectors so that fund managers can see the current valuation of sectors and its likely performance.
  • Style Analysis – We analyze the reasons for one style outperforming another and show graphically whether this trend will persist.
  • Portfolio Analysis – We analyze portfolios so that at one glance fund managers can see how its current valuation and future prospects mean for performance.

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