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ProThinker specializes in using quantitative research to help investors make decisions that are data-driven. We cover the following areas:

  • Stock Analysis Reports – Instant analysis of all aspects of a stock including visual representation of what a stock is worth and why. See Sample Stock Report
  • Asset Allocation – We aggregate stock information for the entire market from the bottom up so that fund managers do not need to make asset allocation decisions with just macro data.
  • Country Allocation – We use aggregated bottom-up data to compare one market with another so that fund managers can make data-driven decisions on which markets to over and underweight.
  • Sector Allocation – We aggregate stock information for entire sectors so that fund managers can see the current valuation of sectors and its future prospects all in graphical format.
  • Style Analysis – We analyze the reasons for one style outperforming another and show graphically whether this trend will persist.
  • Portfolio Analysis – We analyze portfolios so that at one glance fund managers can see how its current valuation and future prospects mean for performance.

More description on our research for professional investors can be found here.



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